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Pro: Pro Football Player: A rookie quarterback’s gambling problem and an agent connected to the Mobb could cost him the biggest game of his life

Título: Pro: Pro Football Player: A rookie quarterback’s gambling problem and an agent connected to the Mobb could cost him the biggest game of his life
Autor: Mr. Vaundre’ Benaro McGough
Data: 2014

A Pro rookie football player Dominic Smith, hires an agent his best friend highly recommended to represent them both as future pro players. It turns out the agent is not who he says he is. His best friend Marcus neglected to tell Dominic the agent known as “Papa” is connected to the Mob in which they both owed money to for gambling debts back in college. The debts were waived when they agreed to fix certain college games. But when Marcus continued to gamble, he racked up a debt close to a million dollars. Marcus agreed to use Dominic as bait to go pro and start fixing pro football games. Dominic is unaware of this scheme by his friend Marcus and Papa until he gets a visit from the FBI informing him about Papa. Dominic does not want to believe it since he finally got signed to the Dallas Mustangs and he can pay Papa back the money he borrowed in the tune of $950,000 to save his family home. When he presents a check to Papa, he takes a ride with him where he meets Mr. Geraldo the head of the Geraldo crime family. They tell Dominic to keep the money as a down payment to a business deal. That deal is for Dominic to begin fixing pro games to pay back his past gambling debt and Marcus’s current debt. Dominic realizes the FBI was telling him the truth. Dominic turns to his teammate veteran wide receiver T.D. He offers to help him realizing Dominic is in serious trouble, similar to trouble he used to be in as a college player. Together they go along with the Mobs plan to fix games, but things take a turn for the worse when they lose the games they are suppose to win. They make the playoffs, but Papa and the Mob believe Dominic is trying to screw them causing them to lose millions of dollars on the Championship game that they were suppose to lose. The Mob decide to show Dominic they mean business by kidnapping his girlfriend not before she accidently tells Marcus Dominic is working for the FBI to take down Papa and the Mob. Marcus tells Papa, but he doesn’t believe Marcus. Dominic convinces the Mob Marcus is lying and they can break even if they gamble on the final game which is the Celebration Bowl. The Mob has no choice but to go along and they know they have Marcus to stop Dominic’s team from winning so they take Dominic at his word and they have his girlfriend Lisa as collateral anyway. Through prayer, faith, and Dominic’s God given football talent, he and T.D. devise a plan to try and help the FBI get the evidence they need to put away Papa and the Mob, win the game, then sneak out of the game before it is over to save Lisa without Papa and the Mob realizing what is going on before it is too late. Can Dominic beat his best friend Marcus the only player he has never won against? Can he give the FBI the evidence they want to put Papa and the Mob away for good? Can he win the game which will cause the Mob to lose millions again? Can he give his teammate T.D. who has his last chance to win a championship ring before he retires? And can Dominic rescue Lisa the love of his life from her kidnappers? The clock is ticking in the biggest game of Dominic’s life.

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  • Paperback: 112 pages
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition (November 7, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1482053136
  • ISBN-13: 978-1482053135
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