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Counselling for Problem Gambling: Person-Centred Dialogues (Living Therapies Series)

Título: Counselling for Problem Gambling: Person-Centred Dialogues (Living Therapies Series)
Autor: Richard Bryant-Jefferies
Data: 2015

Counselling and support for people with a gambling problem is a rapidly growing area. This book offers the reader an opportunity to experience the person-centred encounter and appreciate the difficulties associated with problem gambling whilst taking into account the most recent developments within the gambling industry. Counselling for Problem Gambling also serves to inform the gambling industry and its regulators of possible issues, the effects of the industry’s decisions, and associated difficulties.

Trainees and experienced counsellors will find this book invaluable, as well as problem gamblers, their friends and families. It will also be a useful resource for government bodies, and policy makers and shapers with an interest in the effects of gambling on society.


“Richard Bryant-Jefferies has done the counselling and psychotherapy world a great service by producing a book that can sensitise therapists to the sort of issues and dilemmas that problem gamblers face: helping them to create the kind of facilltative environment that will maximise clients’ self-explorations. By bringing such a form of therapeutic relating to the fore, Counselling for Problem Gamblers makes a valuable contribution to the psychotherapy and counselling literature.Mark Cooper, in his Foreword ‘I am delighted that Richard has written this book. Whether you are a treatment practitioner, a researcher, scholar or someone with a passing interest in the study of gambling, there is something for everyone in this book. I have never read a book (or journal paper) in this area that is so detailed and reflective as the one you are reading now.’ Mark Griffiths, in his Foreword”

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