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Population trends in Internet sports gambling

Título: Population trends in Internet sports gambling
Autores: Debi A. LaPlante, Anja Schumann, Richard A. LaBrie, Howard J. Shaffer
Data: 2008


The Internet is a controversial new medium for gambling. This study presents the first longitudinal analysis of online gambling participation and activity among a population of newly subscribed Internet bettors. Our analyses indicate that this population of gamblers adapted to the new subscription service rapidly, as evidenced by quickly developing declines in population participation, number of bets, and size of stakes. Adaptation was not uniformly evident in our population. Among subgroups of heavily involved bettors, adaptation was generally slower or not apparent. Rather than adapt, involved bettors often maintained the high level of betting they escalated to in the days following subscription. This was particularly evident for one type of game: live-action betting. These involved individuals and the effect of live-action play require close scrutiny and ongoing examination.


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