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Women Overpowered by Compulsive Gambling

Título: Women Overpowered by Compulsive Gambling
Autor: Rosemary A. Cunliffe North 
Data: 2011

““I’m Rose and yes I am a compulsive gambler!” You, as the reader will experience a genuine detailed explanation on how gambling affected my life, as well as the lives of other countless women who have become obsessed by compulsive gambling. Most women gamble
for different reasons then male gamblers and its easier for a woman to share her feelings with other women rather then men. For this reason,
there are women’s only GA meetings.

As fate would have it after my son’s death I became entangled in a web of
deception, powered by frustration, anger, greed and a multitude of other character defects I refer to as “masks” of the obsessive compulsive

A full narrative is provided on how I and other female gamblers obtained our funds to gamble. Some of us have begged, borrowed and often stolen
funds to feed our addiction. Unlike the “ferocious lion” looking for food
to feed its young cubs we sought out a gamut of ways to obtain money to
feed our ravenous appetite to gamble.

Through the concept of the GA program, a Higher Power, the Recovery Program, and other tools provided by GA we have found that our ad-
diction to gambling can never be cured, but it most certainly can be arrested through diligent hard work of the GA program. We recovering women compulsive gamblers are “living” proof that the program works! Some of us now believe in a power greater than and walk with Jesus Christ!

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