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Pathological Gambling: The Making of a Medical Problem

Título: Pathological Gambling: The Making of a Medical Problem
Autor: Brian Castellani
Data: 2000

Although pathological gambling has been a field of study and treatment for over forty years, its story has remained unwritten. That is until now. Brian Castellani is the first to write a book on its history and its medicalization. Drawing on five years of research, Castellani integrates the perspectives of Michael Foucault and Anselm Strauss to provide a unique view into the history of pathological gambling. He also combines rich descriptions of court cases and historical documents along with his own clinical experiences and first-hand accounts from gamblers and their families. Together, these stories – which range from the gambling industry and treatment to the government and research – tell us how pathological gambling became a major social problem in the United States, how it was made into a medical disorder, and the impact its legalization and medicalization have had on our current society and gambling culture.

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