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Beat the Gambling Obsession: How to Overcome Problem Gambling

Título: Beat the Gambling Obsession: How to Overcome Problem Gambling
Autores: J. Arthur Payette 
Data: 2014

 Know someone who is a hooked gambler? At risk of disaster or worse? There is a way out. Even after empty promises to quit, ‘loans’ never repaid, lies told like confetti, there is a way out. An addiction doesn’t listen to reason. It listens to itself. All else is a far distant second. It is easy to change from a recreational gambler to a compulsive gambler without the sufferer’s knowledge, and so denial is one of the most common symptoms. Without intervention, compulsive gamblers are almost always helpless to quit regardless of the repercussions, even when confronted with the possible destruction of their lives. Even in regions that don’t have legal gambling, casinos are literally everywhere via the Internet. It is far too easy to fall into temptation. And complicating matters further, there is often a link that connects nicotine, other drugs, and alcohol with obsessive gambling. There are particular medications that can actually encourage a person to bet. Beat the Gambling Obsession is a one-of-a-kind book that effectively teaches simply and clearly how to overcome the scourge that has destroyed so many lives. More than a quit gambling book, however, Beat the Gambling Obsession is the retraining guide that covers the true nature of gambling, plus the recently discovered ways to overcome it. Explained within its pages is the fact that compulsive gamblers have been trained to gamble. Just as someone can be trained, so can that person be untrained. Obsession is designed to make clear how to reset one’s life. To help prevent future misery, Obsession includes a maintenance program to prevent a relapse, plus a money management program to protect finances. Since most people with this affliction can’t overcome it until they are seriously damaged, Obsession offers intervention to someone before they have destroyed their lives. Act now before the curse of so many casinos—so many dangerous temptations—takes the very last drop of the victim’s self-respect, possessions, and far too often their lives.

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