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Gambling Research Australia (GRA)

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GRA Reports

Innovation in Traditional Gambling Products (2016) PDF
The Role of Loyalty Programs in Gambling (2016) PDF
Gambler Self-Help Strategies (2015) PDF
The use of social media in gambling (2015) PDF
Marketing of Sports Betting and Racing Report (2015) PDF
Interactive Gambling (2014) PDF
The Impact of Electronic Gambling Machine Jackpots on Gambling Behaviour (2014) PDF
Validation Study of In-venue Problem Gambler Indicators (2014) PDF
Gambling and Co-Morbid Disorders (2013) PDF
Gamblers at risk and their help seeking behaviour (2011) PDF  
Gambling and Young People in Australia (2011) PDF
International Student Gambling – Technical and Summary Report (2011) PDF
Gambling and the Impact of New and Emerging Technologies – Complete Report (2010) PDF
Factors that influence a gambler pre-commitment decisions – Full Report (2010) PDF
Representation of gambling in English and non-English speaking Australian media (2010) PDF
Children at Risk of Developing Problem Gambling (2010) PDF
Exploring Indigenous Gambling Report (2010) PDF
Review of Australian Gambling Research (2010) PDF
Influence of Venue Characteristics on a Player’s decision to attend a Gambling Venue (2010)) PDF
The Definition and Predictors of Relapse in Problem Gambling (2010) PDF
Reported Gambling Problems in the Indigenous and Total Australian Population (2009) PDF
Analysis of Australian Gambling Research – Report 1 (2008) PDF
Identifying Problem Gambling in Gambling Venues (2007)PDF
Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Studies on Early Intervention and Prevention for Problem Gamblers (2007) PDF
Analysis of Gambler Pre-commitment Behaviour (2006) PDF
Problem Gambling and Harm – Towards a National Definition (2005) PDF
Rede de Responsabilidade Social

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