Jogos a Dinheiro – Rede de Responsabilidade Social

Jogo de Menores – 2015


Adolescent Online Gambling in Cyprus: Associated School Performance and Psychopathology
Autores: Georgios Floros, Anna Paradisioti, Michalis Hadjimarcou

At-risk and problem gambling among adolescents: a convenience sample of first-year junior high school students in Finland
Autores: Sari Castrén, Marjut Grainger, Tuuli Lahti

At-Risk/Problematic Shopping and Gambling in Adolescence
Autores: Sarah W. Yip, Songli Mei, Corey E. Pilver

College Student Beliefs About Wagering: An Evaluation of the Adolescent Gambling Expectancies Survey
Autores: Meredith K. Ginley, James P. Whelan, George E. Relyea

Evaluation of Psychometric Properties of the Inventory of Gambling Motives, Attitudes and Behaviors among Chinese Adolescents
Autores: Juliet H. Chen, Anise M. S. Wu

Autores: Tobias Hayer, Mark D. Griffiths Ph.D

Gambling Related Cognitive Distortions in Adolescence: Relationships with Gambling Problems in Typically Developing and Special Needs Students
Autores: Robyn N. Taylor, James D. A. Parker, Kateryna V. Keefer

Knowledge and Attitudes Regarding Adolescent Problem Gambling: A Cross-Cultural Comparative Analysis of Romanian and Canadian Teachers
Autores: Rayna M. Sansanwal, Jeffrey L. Derevensky

Personal, Social and Environmental Risk Factors of Problematic Gambling Among High School Adolescents in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Autores: Tariku A. Abdi, Robert A. C. Ruiter, Tamirie A. Adal

Prevalence and Correlates of Problem Gambling in a Representative Sample of Norwegian 17-Year-Olds
Autores: Daniel Hanss, Rune A. Mentzoni, Alex Blaszczynski

Problem Gambling and the Youth-to-Adulthood Transition: Assessing Problem Gambling Severity Trajectories in a Sample of Young Adults
Autores: Jason D. Edgerton, Timothy S. Melnyk, Lance W. Robert

Reciprocal Longitudinal Associations Between Adolescent Twin Gambling and Delinquency
Autores: Frank Vitaro, Amy C. Hartl, Brett Laursen, Mara Brendgen

Relationship Between Gambling Severity and Attitudes in Adolescents: Findings from a Population-Based Study
Autores: Mercedes Gori, Roberta Potente, Annalisa Pitino

Autores: Theory of Planned Behavior in School-Based Adolescent Problem Gambling Prevention: A Conceptual Framework
Renée A. St-Pierre, Caroline E. Temcheff


REDE DE RESPONSABILIDADE SOCIAL                                                                                                                                                        
Rede de Responsabilidade Social (RRS)

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