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Overcoming Gambling: A Guide for Problem and Compulsive Gamblers

Título: Overcoming Gambling: A Guide for Problem and Compulsive Gamblers
Autores:  Phillip Mawer
Data: 2014

 Problem gambling is on the rise. It affects a wide range of people, from teenagers and students to housewives and the retired. Problem gamblers are at greater risk not only of financial disaster, but of relationship breakdown, poor physical health, mental-health problems such as anxiety and depression, and suicide. This book looks at how to stop gambling once and for all. Drawing on his own experience of problem gambling, Philip Mawer shares his practical system designed for the gambling mentality and shows that it is possible to break free and to move on to a new, happy life.

About the Author

Philip Mawer is a senior manager in overseas catering. Originally from Taunton, Somerset, he has worked in Chad, Sierra Leone, Yemen, Algeria, Afghanistan, Australia, Cyprus and the Ukraine.

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