Gambling Problems in Youth





Autores: Jeffrey L. Derevensky, Rina Gupta

The field of gambling studies has experienced tremendous growth in recent years. More research in this field has been published in the last fifteen years than in the previous hundred. With government-sponsored or –regulated forms of gambling proliferating worldwide an entire generation is being raised in an environment of easy access to many forms of gambling.

The need for better understanding of the problems associated with gambling among young people is acute and growing.

Gambling Problems in Youth addresses that need by providing empirically based insights into a wide range of issues from leading researchers. Contributions to this volume address a number of key issues, including: – correlates of youth gambling, including depression and substance abuse – neurodevelopmental issues – measurement, assessment, treatment, and prevention Finally, by taking on larger questions of social policy, Gambling Problems in Youth moves beyond the traditional academic and clinical boundaries to place its subject in a discussion of informed and effective legislation. Gambling Problems in Youth will be invaluable to researchers, students, clinicians, school psychologists, and policy makers interested in the confluence of gambling and adolescents.

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Em boa hora enviámos para a Comissão Europeia o entendimento  que norteia o nosso trabalho desde 2004

  Entendemos que  devem  ser elaborados  estudos em  prestigiadas  universidades, em  cooperação com operadores e reguladores, recorrendo às bases de registos dos jogos na internet para estudar com precisão os comportamentos e os hábitos dos jogadores. Os resultados destes estudos podem proporcionar uma base empírica à  comunidade científica  internacional na área  da investigação em comportamentos de dependência 

Entendemos que devem ser lançadas campanhas maciças de educação, através de diversos canais de comunicação, com o objectivo de chegar efectivamente a toda a população, de maneira que esta possa perceber que existe uma verdadeira politica europeia em relação ao jogo e que as condições para um exercício responsável da actividade estão dadas   

A criação de observatórios do jogo que alertem e informem os consumidores sobre as práticas de cada operador poderá ser um incentivo para a implementação de boas práticas nos seus sítios de jogo online. A diferenciação positiva, em relação a uma concorrência pouco ética, poderá traduzir-se num capital de confiança junto dos jogadores.   

Criação de redes de assistência para jogadores compulsivos, começando pelos centros que já estão a trabalhar no tratamento das ludopatias. Esses centros deverão funcionar sobre uma plataforma tecnológica adequada que permita o intercâmbio de experiências, a actualização de conhecimentos e a colaboração mútua.

Comissão Europeia

Parlamento Europeu

 Parlamento Europeu

DESDE 2004
O programa Jogo Responsável deverá contribuir para assegurar a protecção dos indivíduos, e da sociedade em geral, das consequências negativas do jogo e apostas a dinheiro e simultaneamente proteger o direito de quem pretende jogar.

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One thought on “Gambling Problems in Youth

  1. DjBabaloo Reply

    ya meetings didnt do anhiytng for me either the problem is family and friends mean well but gambling isnt really a disease like other addictions and most addictions arent diseases some have a chemical dependency gambling does NOT gambling is always a player WANTS to either action, money, both, escaping reality and maybe a few other reasons having someone truly explain the odds in a casino game if you are addicted to lottery or slots or table games can really open your eyes the house edge is so big you truly can not do these for a living and or expect to hit it big- if you are addicted to games that ARE beatable like Blackjack or Sports betting or Poker you just need to ask yourself is chasing a dream worth it while these games are beatable its the 1% that beats them. Now we all want to accomplish greatness but this road has a high risk and most fail. the more people you have dependent upon you should weigh heavily if your a kid with no spouse or kids dependent on you, I will give more latitude in terms of chasing your gambling dreams, but if you have people dependent on you you need to make an adult decision personal responsibility is EVERYTHING YES the choice is yours, but I would suggest that if you have a spouse or kids, you also have to consider their feelings also, gambling is a narrow road with little middle ground between Big Dreams and Heartbreak and the Falls can be great, and while maybe you can handle it, other people in your life maybe cant or don’t deserve to go through it because they are not affected by gambling and the appeal isn’t there for them to risk it all for the small chance of winning it all!!!! Meetings can only help but they aren’t the whole solution- your right they occupy your time- they give you people that have been through the same stuff they aren’t judgmental but they treat you like a child, its never your fault, your have a disease, which I dont agree with its never a bad thing to admit its ALL your fault when it is, and most gamblers its TOTALLY our fault because we risk everything and more than money for a dream and an opportunity!!!!Good luck to you

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