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Título: A Clinician’s Guide to Working with Problem Gamblers
Autor: Henrietta Bowden-Jones,‎ Sanju George
Data: 2015

Título: All Bets Are Off: Losers, Liars, and Recovery from Gambling Addiction
Autor: Arnie Wexler, Steve Jacobson
Data: 2015

Título: Counselling for Problem Gambling: Person-Centred Dialogues (Living Therapies Series)
Autor: Richard Bryant-Jefferies
Data: 2015

Título: GAMBLING ADDICTION: Overcome Gambling Compulsion Today!
Autor: Cedric Miles
Data: 2015

Título: Gambling Online Sites
Autor: Andrew Speier
Data: 2015

Título: Problem Gambling Toolkit – Scholar’s Choice Edition
Autor:  Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service
Data: 2015

Título: Stop gambling online
Autor: Tom Lee
Data: 2015

Título: Beat the Gambling Obsession: How to Overcome Problem Gambling
Autores: J. Arthur Payette 
Data: 2014

Título: Gambling Addiction Recovery: Gambling Addiction Recovery and Cure of Your Life (Addiction Recovery, Addictions Gambling, Quit Smoking, Addiction)
Autor: Mark Cuban
Data: 2014

Título: Gambling involvement and problem gambling in Montana
Autor: Rachel A. Volberg
Data: 2014

Título: How to stop gambling in 30+1 days.: A 30+ 1 day gambling recovery guide for use by gamblers, addiction counsellors and partners of problem gamblers.
Autor: Pádraig McCarthy
Data: 2014

Título: Know When To Hold ‘Em: A guide for spouses of problem gamblers
Autor: EdD, LMHC, Damon Dye
Data: 2014

Título: Overcoming Gambling: A Guide for Problem and Compulsive Gamblers
Autores:  Phillip Mawer
Data: 2014

Título: Pro: Pro Football Player: A rookie quarterback’s gambling problem and an agent connected to the Mobb could cost him the biggest game of his life
Autor: Mr. Vaundre’ Benaro McGough
Data: 2014

Título: Problem gambling in British substance dependent treatment seekers: An inpatient study
Autor: Parviz Bahadoran 
Data: 2014

Título: Problem Gambling: Cognition, Prevention and Treatment
Autores:  F. Gobet,‎ M. Schiller
Data: 2014

Título: The Gambling Addiction Cure: The Ultimate Guide to Overcoming Gambling Addiction (Addiction Recovery,Addicitons Book 1)
Autor: Sarah Jones
Data: 2014

Título: Where Gambling Has Taken Me
Autor: Joan I. Campbell
Data: 2014

Título: Working with Women’s Groups for Problem Gambling: Treating gambling addiction through relationship
Autores:  Liz Karter
Data: 2014

Título: Exploring Internet Gambling: Policy, Prevention and Treatment
Autor: Sally Gainsbury,‎ Alex Blaszczynski
Data: 2013

Título: Gambling Addiction Cure – The Most Effective Solution To Overcome Gambling Addiction Once And For All (Addictions, Addiction Recovery Book 1)
Autor: Hank Cartwright
Data: 2013

Título: Gambling Problems: 97 (Issues Today)
Autores: Christina Hughes,‎ Cara Acred 
Data: 2013

Título: Poker and Problem Gambling: Poker: Skill Game? Or Pure Luck?
Autor: Jeremy Stryker
Data: 2013

Título: The Dark Side of the Punt: Problem Gambling, a Conflicted Government, and the Corporate Feeding Frenzy
Autor: Tom McCarthy
Data: 2013

Título: The Dostoevsky Effect: Problem Gambling and the Origins of Addiction
Autores:  Lorne Tepperman,‎ Patrizia Albanese,‎ Sasha Stark,‎ Nadine Zahlan
Data: 2013

Título: The History of Problem Gambling: Temperance, Substance Abuse, Medicine, and Metaphors
Autor:  Peter Ferentzy,‎ Nigel Turner
Data: 2013

Título: The Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Disordered Gambling
Autor: David C. S. Richard,‎ Alex Blaszczynski,‎ Lia Nower
Data: 2013

Título: Women and Problem Gambling: Therapeutic insights into understanding addiction and treatment
Autor: Liz Karter
Data: 2013

Título: Betting Man: A Personal Battle With Gambling Addiction
Autor: Bill J.
Data: 2012

Título: Change Your Gambling, Change Your Life: Strategies for Managing Your Gambling and Improving Your Finances, Relationships, and Health
Autor: Howard Shaffer
Data: 2012

Título: How to Stop Gambling Now
Autor: Sidney Harris
Data: 2012

TítuloProblem Gambling in Canada (Issues in Canada)
Autor: Lorne Tepperman ,‎ Kristy Wanner 
Data: 2012

Título: Problem Gambling Toolkit
Autor: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service
Data: 2012

Título: Adolescent Gambling in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: Adolescent Gambling: Prevalence, Causal Factors and Impacts of Problem Gambling in Some Selected High schools in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Autor: Tariku Abdi
Data: 2011

Título: An Overview of the Nature of Addiction, Gambling, & Problem Gambling
Autor: Ph.D., LCSW, CPS Sachin J. Karnik
Data: 2011

Título: Compulsive Gambling Help
Autor: E Eccles
Data: 2011

Título: First Steps Out of Problem Gambling
Autores: Lisa Ustok,‎ Joanna Hughes
Data: 2011

Título: Overcoming Impulse Control Problems: A Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Program, Workbook (Treatments That Work)
Autor: Jon E. Grant,‎ Christopher B. Donahue,‎ Brian L. Odlaug
Data: 2011

Título: What Parents Need to Know about Teen Risk Taking: Strategies for Reducing Problems Related to Alcohol, Other Drugs, Gambling and Internet Use
Autor: David A. Wolfe,‎ Bruce Ballon,‎ Gloria Chaim
Data: 2011

Título: Women Overpowered by Compulsive Gambling
Autor: Rosemary A. Cunliffe North 
Data: 2011

Título: Legalized Gambling (Essential Viewpoints)
Autor: Thomas A. Parmalee 
Data: 2010

Título: Pathological Gambling (Psychological Disorders)
Autor: Christine A. Adamec,‎ M. Foster Olive,‎ Pat Levitt
Data: 2010

Título: She Bets Her Life: A True Story of Gambling Addiction
Autor: Mary Sojourner
Data: 2010

Título: Stacked Deck: A Program to Prevent Problem Gambling : Facilitator’s Guide
Autor: Robert WilliamsRobert Wood
Data: 20

Título: The Free Drink: The Gambling Addiction Epidemic
Autor:  Michael Gallegos Borresen
Data: 2010

Título: In The Pursuit Of Winning: Problem Gambling Theory, Research And Treatment
Autor: Zangeneh M.
Data: 2008

Título: Jugadores Anónimos–Un día a la vez (Spanish Edition)
Autor: Anonymous Anonymous 
Data: 2008

Título: Problem Gambling in Europe
Autores: Gerhard Meyer, Tobias Hayer, Mark Griffiths
Data: 2008

Título: I Am a Gambler with Nowhere Else to Hide: A Thought Provoking Self Help Guide for Individuals
Autor: Nelson Washington 
Data: 2008

Título: Substance Use, Concurrent Disorders and Gambling Problems in Ontario: A Guide for Helping Professionals 
Autor: CAMH,‎ Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
Data: 2008

Título: Understanding Problem Gambling: The Interaction of Personal and Structural Processes
Autor: Jennifer Borrell 
Data: 2008

Título: Women Overpowered by Compulsive Gambling
Autor: Rosemary A. Cunliffe North
Data: 2008

In the Pursuit of Winning: Problem Gambling Theory, Research and Treatment

Problem And Pathological Gambling (Advances in Psychotherapy-Evidence-Based Practice)

Slaying The Devil: One Man’s Fight To Kick A Gambling Problem Into Touch

The Economics of Casino Gambling

Título: Treating Gambling Problems
Autores: William G. McCown,‎ William A. Howatt
Data: 2007

Treating Gambling Problems (Wiley Treating Addictions series) 1st (first) Edition by McCown, William G., Howatt, William A. published by Wiley (2007)

Gambling: Behavior Theory, Research, and Application

Título: Overcoming Your Pathological Gambling
Autores: Robert Ladouceur, Stella Lachance
Data: 2006

Counselling for Problem Gambling: Person-Centred Dialogues (Living Therapies Series)

Compulsive Gambling – A Medical Dictionary, Bibliography, and Annotated Research Guide to Internet References

Gambling Facts and Fictions: The Anti-Gambling Handbook to get yourself to stop gambling, quit gambling or never start gambling

Título: Gambling Problems in Youth: Theoretical and Applied Perspectives
Autores: Jeffrey L. Derevensky, Rina Gupta
Data: 2004

Gambling and Problem Gambling in First Nations Communities: Opgrc Final Report

Gambling and Problem Gambling in Britain

Gambling: Results and Consequenses in the Life of a Professional Person

How to stop gambling: A practical guide to beating gambling problems in a loved one, in yourself

Título: The Gambling Addiction Patient Workbook
Autor: Robert R. Perkinson
Data: 2003

Becoming a winner: Defeating problem gambling : a self-help manual for problem gamblers

Opposing Viewpoints Series – Gambling (paperback edition)

Prevention of problem gambling: A school-based intervention : final report

The Downside: Problem And Pathological Gambling (Institute of Gambling & Commercial Gaming)

Título: Gamblers: A Self-Regulation Manual for Individual and Family Therapy (Resources for the Mental Health Professional)
Autor:  Joseph W. Ciarrocchi
Data: 2001

Problem Gambling and Its Treatment: An Introduction

When the Chips Are Down: Problem Gambling in America (Century Foundation Report)

A Way to Quit Gambling: (For Problem Gamblers)

Counselling for Problem Gambling: Person-Centred Dialogues (Living Therapy Series)

Don’t Leave It to Chance: A Guide for Families of Problem Gamblers

Gambling – A Family Affair (Overcoming common problems)

Título: Pathological Gambling: The Making of a Medical Problem
Autor: Brian Castellani
Data: 2000

Understanding Problem Gamblers

Disposable time and disposable income: Problem gambling behavior in older adults

Gambling addiction: The problem, the pain, and the pathway to recovery

Gambling and problem gambling in Washington State: A replication study, 1992 to 1998, report to the Washington State Lottery

Perceptions of problem gambling within new casino communities

Adult gambling and problem gambling in Alberta

Gambling : Is It a Problem? What Should We Do? (National issues forums)

Overcoming Compulsive Gambling (Overcoming Books)

Taking chances: Problem gamblers and mental health disorders – results from the St. Louis epidemiologic catchment area study

Assessing substance abuse and problem gambling treatment as an investment in population health

Gambling and problem gambling in Mississippi: A report to the Mississippi Council on Compulsive Gambling (Social research report series)

The impact of casinos on crime and other social problems: An analysis of recent experiences

A description of problem gamblers in Alberta: Summary of main findings : a secondary analysis of the gambling and problem gambling in Alberta : study

Adult survey of Minnesota problem gambling behavior, a needs assessment: Changes 1990 to 1994

Female problem gamblers in Alberta: A secondary analysis of the gambling and problem gambling in Alberta : study

Teenagers and Compulsive Gambling (Issues)

Coping With Teen Gambling (Coping With Series)

Gambling and problem gambling in North Dakota: Report to the North Dakota Department of Human Services, Division of Mental Health

Frequent gamblers and problem gamblers in New Zealand : report on phase two of the national survey of problem gambling

Gambling and problem gambling in South Dakota

Understanding Compulsive Gambling

Prevalence rates of problem gambling in three states

Early Signs of Compulsive Gambling

In Search of Balance : A Problem Gambling Educational Kit Designed for Senior Citizens

The ideology of social problems: Gambling, a case study abstract

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