Jogos a Dinheiro – Rede de Responsabilidade Social

2006 – G4 – Responsible Gambling Software Code of Practice

Código de Conduta

2006 – G4 – Responsible Gambling Software Code of Practice

Corporate Standards

Technical operation
It is essential that the customers can trust the company’s technical system for fair games; for example, whether or not the computer-generated game of Bingo offers fair odds to the player. The control system must be a system of controls containing all the rules, terms and conditions and other matters displayed to a player and all internal controls for the proper conduct of Internet games. The company should make available to the player, if they ask for it, the documents that explain their control system, who has approved it and who is supervising it.
Audit and inspection
The company should allow regulators to test, evaluate and audit systems and procedures at the service provider’s premises by inspecting records, examining equipment and testing software in use.
Credit gambling
The company is not permitted to give direct credit to users of their software.
In this way the company can never favour or disfavour users of their software.
Money laundering
If the company is going to be involved with money transactions, it should take all measures possible to identify all transactions especially those that bear the characteristics of money laundering activity.
The company must control and guard the privacy of the player. This must be done both in a technical way so that the customer information database is stored securely (if the company is using such a system), and that all the laws in the jurisdiction are adhered to. If the customer asks to view the information it should be made available.


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