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Treating Gambling Problems

Título: Treating Gambling Problems
Autores: William G. McCown,‎ William A. Howatt
Data: 2007


“Above all, this is a brutally honest, candid book about the treatment of problem gamblers that may have application to the other impulse, addictive, and compulsive disorders. This is a refreshing book, and I recommend it highly to all comers. It should be on everyone’s reference shelf and read and reread.” (PsycCRITIQUES, February 20, 2008)

From the Back Cover

The most current and critical gambling addiction treatment approaches—right at your fingertips

Legalized gambling is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States. For most of the industry’s patrons, gambling is fun and a form of harmless entertainment. Four to six percent of gamblers, however, become pathological or compulsive gamblers, leading to a devastating illness that negatively impacts every aspect of their lives.

Treating Gambling Problems helps to bridge the gap between scientific research and practice, pointing the way to a more promising future in the treatment of gambling problems.

As part of the Wiley Series on Treating Addictions, this pragmatic, hands-on volume offers up-to-the-minute guidance on effectively diagnosing and treating gambling addiction in every phase.

Coverage includes:

  • Risk factors for gambling disorders
  • Recognizing the signs and symptoms of gambling disorders
  • Developing effective treatment plans
  • How to develop a professional referral network
  • Recovery theories, programs, and tools
  • Post-treatment recovery management, including relapse prevention

Supporting this expert coverage, the reader-friendly series format features quizzes, checklists, “Points to Remember”, problem-solving scenarios, suggested resources, and more. Required reading for anyone who works with individuals experiencing gambling addiction, Treating Gambling Problems will equip you with the tools you need to design successful interventions and promote a lasting recovery.

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