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Poker and Problem Gambling: Poker: Skill Game? Or Pure Luck?

Título: Poker and Problem Gambling: Poker: Skill Game? Or Pure Luck?
Autor: Jeremy Stryker
Data: 2013

“If you think poker is gambling, then you don’t know what gambling is. ” Statement like this is popular among poker players. In this short book, a winning ex-poker player, Jeremy Stryker will debunk these bad concepts among poker players. He analyzed why a majority of poker player are, even if they are winning, are still prone to problem gambling. It is a simple yet forgotten truth by poker player: Even if you win in poker, it can still be bad for you.

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Jeremy Stryker is a Chinese American entrepreneur, a writer and a startup employee. In real life, he is an employee of a high growth startup company focused on hardware-based artificial intelligence. He has extensive research and development experience in software industry, including two universities, two other start ups (one of them was acquired) and one industrial research institute. He has a Master degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Jeremy played poker from October 2008 to February 2010. Though he made a decent profit during that period of time, he decided to quit poker for good and had not played poker since.

Jeremy Stryker wrote two books: In “Why I Quit Poker”, he explains his decision of quitting poker, a national addiction of United States of America. In “Poker and Problem Gambling”, he analyzes why even poker has skill element, it can still induce gambling addiction symptoms. Both are available on Amazon Kindle.

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