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Know When To Hold ‘Em: A guide for spouses of problem gamblers

Título: Know When To Hold ‘Em: A guide for spouses of problem gamblers
Autor: EdD, LMHC, Damon Dye
Data: 2014

Don’t allow your loved one’s gambling addiction to ruin your life
Know when to ask questions, know when to set boundaries, know when to hold em

Unrecognized and devastating, gambling addiction affects two million Americans but even more hidden are the loved ones that become innocent victims. Problem gambling can start with a curious click on a website or after a stroke of luck at the casino, and it has no bias. Young mothers, corporate professionals, your neighbor, your spouse; Anyone can find themselves deeply in debt, caught up in lies, and unable to stop.

Gamblers, spouses, loved ones, and clinicians will find guidance and tools for:
1. choosing treatment
2. improving communication
3. rebuilding relationships
4. creating the best environment for recovery and marital happiness

Get the help you need now
Damon Dye, EdD, LMHC, provides valuable information for the innocent victim, the spouse who is left to rebuild the family finances, protect the children from the fallout, and determine if they can ever trust their wife or husband again.

About the Author

Damon Dye, EdD is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, a National Certified Gambling Counselor, and a Board Approved Clinical Consultant for the National Council on Problem Gambling. He is certified in Clinical Brainspotting and further specialized in trauma and couples work.

Dr. Dye manages a private practice located in the Tampa Bay area and is an Adjunct Professor for Springfield College. He trains and supervises treatment professionals and presents workshops for non-profits, drug courts, and government institutions.

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