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How to Stop Gambling Now

Título: How to Stop Gambling Now
Autor: Sidney Harris
Data: 2012

Gambling industry insider Sidney Harris explains, in the simplest terms, the mathematical illusions and perverse psychology casinos and bookmakers have foisted on the gambler for decades.

This book will return to reality the gambler who has become addicted and the gambler on their way to becoming addicted. The effects are immediate; this book will stop faulty thinking and remove confusion.

The unique subliminal content of this book ensures that no effort is needed on the part of the reader to make the necessary changes.

This book will prove categorically to the addicted gambler that there is absolutely no chance of winning. The rewards they seek are a myth propagated by the gambling industry.

Once they absorb the cold realisation that there is no possible reward, even the most hardened gambler will call it a day.

Gambling is about money far more than it is about compulsion; remove money from the equation and the party is over.
To turn wanting money into a psychological disorder needing long term treatment cannot be justified.

Only those who want money to supply long term treatment will defend and justify this. Given the right information the mind cures itself.

This book delivers the right information then helps the addicted gambler to get through the anger and self recrimination; they can then use their new found enlightenment to reclaim their life.

“Sidney Harris pulls no punches”.
Joe Conboys, Raceform Update.

“Sidney Harris is the only judge I listen to”.
Mark Winstanley, Sporting Life.

“Harris clearly knows the game inside out”.
John O’Hara, Racing Post Weekender.

“Sidney Harris pushes points, where they need to be pushed
and the bookmakers will not be overjoyed for him doing so”.
Mark J Polglasse. U.K. Racehorse Trainer.

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