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Gambling Disorders in Women: An International Female Perspective on Treatment and Research

Título: Gambling Disorders in Women: An International Female Perspective on Treatment and Research
Autores: Henrietta Bowden-Jones, Fulvia Prever
Data: 2017

This book brings together an international selection of academics with expertise in problem gambling issues in women, with chapters reflecting ongoing work with female gamblers across the world in both group and individual settings. In choosing such a specific patient group, the authors aim to raise the profile of gambling disorders in women and also provide fellow professionals across the world with a shared understanding of evidence based treatment and recovery in problem gambling literature and research.

Gambling Disorders in Women: An International Female Perspective on Treatment and Research will provide professionals working in addictions and policy-making with much-needed knowledge about a seriously under-represented area, and about which many professionals feel they would like to know more. The book will also highlight different international approaches to the provision of treatment for women in each country as well as the epidemiology of the illness.


“Drs. Bowden-Jones and Prever have generated an important book on problem gambling in women from the perspective of women who conduct research and provide clinical care in this area. A particular strength of the book is the international perspectives communicated from the global group of authors contributing to the book. The book is important and timely and a valuable and authorative addition to the problem gambling literature.” Marc N. Potenza, MD, PhD, Professor of Psychiatry, Child Study and Neuroscience, Yale University School of Medicine

“An outstanding treatise written by two highly respected clinical academic women tackling the important but often neglected or overshadowed topic of female problem gambling. In this respect, the book remains essential readings for anyone interested in gaining an in-depth and comprehensive perspective of the influence and experiences generated by problem gambling on the lives of women across multiple European, North American, African and oceanic countries. Each chapter brings together a unique blend of clinical and theoretical gender specific content that offers readers an understanding of the comparative similarities and differences across varied cultures. A superb highly recommended multidisciplinary resource.” Alex Blaszczynski PhD, School of Psychology, University of Sydney

“Drs. Bowden-Jpnes and Prever have assembled the leading international researchers studying gambling behaviors amongst women. They have managed to provide a comprehensive and unique perspective on the relationship between gambling and problem gambling among woman from Africa to Europe, America, Asia and Oceania. This is a must-read book for anyone interested in the field of gambling studies.”  Jeffrey Derevensky, Director at International Centre for Youth Gambling Problemsand High Risk Behaviors, McGill University

“A book about female problem gamblers, edited and written by women, is unique, original and longstanding. Our general knowledge about why people gamble, the key prevention and treatment components has significantly increased over the last few decades. It is now time to focus on specific subpopulations. This book brings together an outstanding group of women from all over the world to present and discuss cutting edge information about the difficulties of women with gambling, and the idiosyncratic prevention and treatment components. No one can afford to ignore reading this outstanding book.” Robert Ladouceur, Professor Emeritus at the School of Psychology at the Université Laval de Québec.

About the Author

Henrietta Bowden-Jones is a doctor trained in psychiatry and neuroscience. She is Founder and Director of the National Problem Gambling Clinic CNWL NHS Trust and Honorary Senior Lecturer, Brain Science Division, Imperial College, UK.

Fulvia Prever is a Psychologist and Psychotherapist working in the National Health System Addictions Clinic in Milan, Italy. She is a specialist in family therapy and gambling addiction and Founder of “Donne in gioco” Gender Group dedicated to women with gambling problems (since 2010).

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