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  . . A B C   Change Your Gambling, Change Your Life: Strategies for Managing Your Gambling and Improving Your Finances, Relationships, and Health (Harvard Health Publications) (2012) D E F G    Gambling Problems ...

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Overcoming Your Pathological Gambling

Overcoming Your Pathological Gambling - Workbook (Treatments That Work)..

  . . Autor: Robert Ladouceur, Stella Lachance If you feel as if you can no longer control your gambling, if your gambling has interfered with your family, social, or working life, this workbook can help you ...

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The Gambling Addiction Patient Workbook

The Gambling Addiction Patient Workbook..

  . . Autor: Robert R. Perkinson “The addiction field has long needed a comprehensive set of exercises counselors could use to guide patients through good treatment. The workbooks developed by Dr. Perkinson take the patient ...

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Pathological Gambling: The Making of a Medical Problem

Pathological Gambling - The Making of a Medical Problem..

. . Autor: Brian Castellani Although pathological gambling has been a field of study and treatment for over forty years, its story has remained unwritten. That is until now. Brian Castellani is the first to write ...

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Gambling Problems in Youth

Gambling Problems in Youth - Theoretical and Applied Perspectives.._Page_1

  . . Autores: Jeffrey L. Derevensky, Rina Gupta The field of gambling studies has experienced tremendous growth in recent years. More research in this field has been published in the last fifteen years than in the ...

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Problem Gambling in Europe

Problem Gambling in Europe - Challenges, Prevention, and Interventions..

  . . Autores: Gerhard Meyer, Tobias Hayer, Mark Griffiths As a leisure activity, gambling dates back to ancient times. More recently, the surge in avenues for gambling—casinos, sports betting, lotteries, and remote media (e.g.,Internet, mobile ...

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The ICD-10 Classification of Mental and Behavioural Disorders

The ICD-10 Classification of Mental and Behavioural Disorders - Clinical Descriptions and Diagnostic Guidelines.._Page_1

. . Autor: World Health Organization Provides clinical descriptions, diagnostic guidelines, and codes for all mental and behavioral disorders commonly encountered in clinical psychiatry. The book was developed from chapter V of the Tenth Revision of ...

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Midbrain mutiny

Midbrain mutiny - the picoeconomics and neuroeconomics of disordered gambling - economic theory and cognitive science_Page_1

. . Autor: Don Ross The explanatory power of economic theory is tested by the phenomenon of irrational consumption, examples of which include such addictive behaviors as disordered and pathological gambling. Midbrain Mutiny examines different economic models of ...

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Impulse Control Disorders

Impulse Control Disorders - A Clinician's Guide to Understanding and Treating Behavioral Addictions.

. . Autor: Jon E. Grant The first comprehensive and clinically oriented guide to “the new addictions.” Impulse control disorders such as gambling and risky sexual behavior are increasingly recognized as treatable forms of addictions. This ...

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Pathological gambling

Pathological gambling - a clinical guide to treatment._Page_1

. . Autores: Jon E. Grant, Marc N. Potenza The past five years have witnessed dramatic advances in research on pathological gambling–a diagnosis often overlooked by clinicians who are unaware not only of the personal and socialconsequences ...

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